Why my service is different

I will approach whatever your project is with patience, kindness and humor.

I can offer general critiquing, proof reading, basic rewrites or major overhauls. What is done to your text is based solely upon your needs and according to your specifications. I understand the artistic temperament and will treat you and your work with the respect that both of you deserve.

Any editor worth working with understands that they are assisting you with your work, the operative words in that sentence being your work. You have the final say regarding what you ultimately release out into the world with your name on it.

My background is varied and I have had experience in many genres.

I have worked throughout my career with engineers helping to make technical writing accessible to laymen.

Of late I have worked with many authors and aspiring authors to polish their manuscripts and the query letters affiliated with selling that work to publishing houses. I often also tweak or rework shorter pieces of fiction; stitching together scenes, smoothing out the rough patches, nipping and tucking until the author is certain that they are submitting their best work to professional publications.

I offer various types of ghostwriting services encompassing a wide range of needs from something as small as injecting humor into an existing piece to writing an entire story from a bare bones idea that you have conceived.

Regardless of your writing style or where your readers will eventually find your work, my ultimate goal is to work with you to make your writing stronger, faster, better.... just like the six million dollar man.

Feel free to contact me at karens8465@yahoo.com  to get started on your manuscript, short story, article, query letter, blog content, or for whatever else you feel an extra set of eyes would be useful to you before you take that last critical step of releasing your project out into the wild.

I look forward to working with you.